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Gathering For Gardner

04 October 2010

The Gathering for Gardner Dragon is an example of Hollow Face Illusion in which the concave (hollow) face appears to be convex. Human beings have a strong bias towards convex shapes, so much so that they overcome lightening, shadow and stereoscopic cues. This is the reason why the illusion is more pronounced when one eye is closed or using a camera lens. The bias towards convex face is because of the strong connectivity between top and bottom parts of our brain and how the top part can sometimes dominate the bottom part. The bottom part is responsible for capturing sensory information and the top part for processing that information. In this example, when we move around to see the object from different angles, the top part uses the past learning experience to create a hypothesis which overpowers the actual sensory data received from the bottom part making us believe the object is staring at us.

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