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Rasdaman on Ubuntu

12 June 2011

rasdaman is a universal, domain-independent, array DBMS for multidimensional arrays of arbitrary size and structure. A declarative, SQL-based array query language offers flexible retrieval and manipulation. Efficient server- based query evaluation is enabled by an intelligent optimizer and a streamlined storage architecture based on flexible array tiling and compression.

for more information visit the rasdaman homepage →

Create a rasdaman user account

Install Dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install git-core g++ autoconf libtool gawk bison
  postgresql libecpg-dev libncurses5-dev libhdf4g-dev flex
  libpng12-dev libjpeg-dev libnetpbm10-dev libreadline-dev
  libtiff-dev make build-essential openjdk-6-jdk doxygen

… it also sets up PostgreSQL by default

- Adding user postgres to group ssl-cert ...
- Setting up postgresql-8.4 (8.4.5-0ubuntu10.10) ...
- Creating new cluster (configuration: ...
- Configuring postgresql.conf to use port 5432...
- Starting PostgreSQL 8.4 database server ...
- Done

Clone rasdaman source

$ git clone git://

Compile and Install from source

$ ./autoreconf
$ ./configure
$ sudo make 
$ sudo make install 

Add rasdaman and PostgreSQL binaries to PATH

$ export PATH=$PATH:$RASDAMAN/bin
$ export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/postgresql/8.4/bin

Either edit /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/postgresql.conf and change port from 5432 to 5433 or:

$ sudo pg_dropcluster --stop 8.4 main

Change ownership of PostgreSQL for user rasdaman

$ sudo chown -R rasdaman /var/run/postgresql

Initialize and Start a new Database Cluster

$ initdb -D $DBDATA
$ pg_ctl -D $DBDATA start

where $DBDATA is the location where the cluster will be stored.

Create the database on the cluster and start rasdaman

$ bash
$ bash

check the logs to make sure the server daemon started successfully.

Run the insert script

$ localhost 7001 
  $RASDAMAN/share/rasdaman/images rasadmin rasadmin

Test rasdaman

$ rasql –q "select r from RAS_COLLECTIONNAMES as r" --out string


Databases: RASBASE and petascopedb
Superusers: rasdaman and petauser
User: rasguest

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