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Git inside Git

24 May 2012

I use janus → and oh-my-zsh → to setup a part of my dotfiles configuration.

My dotfiles → configuration is setup as a git repository and because the aforementioned frameworks are git repositories themselves, I was faced with the task of setting up git inside git! Since I have used svn externals before, I was sure there must be a way to do this. It turned out to be called git submodules →

To clone a submodule in the local path of your git repository -

[root-repo] >> git submodule add <remote repository> <local path>

To update the submodule

[root-repo] >> git submodule update

A new git clone requires reinitializing the submodules.

>> git clone <root-repo>
[root-repo] >> git submodule init
[root-repo] >> git submodule update 

To pull recent changes from all the submodules at once.

[root-repo] >> git submodule foreach git pull origin master
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